You are here:  > Funded Research > Oral  Health Oral Health Program Overview The CERA Oral Health Education Research and Service Delivery Unit (the Unit) was established in 2010-11 with funds made available by the Centre for Oral Health Strategy, Ministry of Health as part of its commitment to ensuring better oral health care for older people. The primary focus of the Unit then was to develop a sustainable public-private model to deliver oral health care services into Aged Care Facilities. This became critical with the sudden closure of the Medicare Chronic Disease Dental Scheme on 1 December 2012 The Unit was also to promote research and education in geriatric dentistry and to advance discussion and development of differen models of oral health care for older people. The Inner West Oral Health Outreach Program (the Program) was then developed to provide an outreach model of oral health care to residents in RACFs in the Concord/Strathfield/Burwood area of Sydney LHD. In broad terms, the model involves engaging the private practitioner to provide oral health services to residents in the Aged Care Facility using portable equipment supplied by the public sector. The Practitioner must be registered with the NSW Oral Health Fee for Service Scheme. This is mandatory requirement so that residents who are eligible for free treatment by the public sector are not out of pocket for the care provided. Practitioners are reimbursed for their services in accordance with a Department of Veterans’ Affairs Fee Schedule.  Practitioners may also be reimbursed by the DVA for those residents who have a Gold DVA Card or by direct payment by the resident or their family. This Program: Significantly improves access to oral health care for older adults living in participating residential aged care        facilities; Supports participating residential aged care facilities in developing individualised oral health care plans for        residents; Delivers oral health care education and training programs to staff of residential aged care facilities; Provides oral health resources and information for staff, residents and their families; Enables a more direct referral pathway for those residents in need of specialist oral health care; Increases the awareness of oral health in relation to general health; and, Promotes awareness of public oral health services. Since its establishment the Unit has now expanded its business to include:- Oral health services into additional Aged Care Facilities and in turn engaging more private practitioners. Direct service delivery by Oral Health Therapists. Establishment of a more robust governance structure with the establishment of an expert Geriatric Dental        Advisory Group. State-wide resource development. Educational partnerships with the ADA (NSW Branch), ASSCID and Sydney University. Workshops and Conferences that have been specifically aimed at better oral health for older Australians. Research opportunities with Sydney University, local Non – Govt Organisations and RACF.